• Gus Aragón

    Gus Aragón

    I have over 10 years of experience in software development and management of development teams in different countries. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gustavoaragon

  • Steve Peltonen

    Steve Peltonen

    Adventure seeker, music lover, event and content creator, mostly focusing on Co-Founder @ Framian

  • Robin Lman

    Robin Lman

  • Thomas Desimpel

    Thomas Desimpel

  • Remco Janssen

    Remco Janssen

    Founder tech PR agency Proudly Represents. Founder and publisher Silicon Canals. Startup Mentor. Football Nerd. Coffee Snob.

  • Eliot Heller

    Eliot Heller

  • Abdalla Kablan

    Abdalla Kablan

    Dr Abdalla Kablan is the founder of Scheduit. He’s also a data science and fintech expert, lecturer, speaker and very passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

  • Christian Fictoor

    Christian Fictoor

    SocialMedia & Marketing strategist | Innovator | Trendwatcher | Public Speaker | Consultant | Amplifier at L’Amp | Social Media 4 Events | Marketing-Sync.com

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